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Terrified Rotherham Mum Feared for Life Following Police Chase

A terrified Rotherham mum feared for her life along with her four year old when she was caught up in an incident involving a man armed with a gun trying to escape police capture.

Emily Dobson aged 24 was driving her car with her four year old son in it along Deepdale Road at about 8.30pm. She was approaching Pitt Street when a Fiat Grande Punto sped past her. The car was said to be drive by the man trying to escape police arrest in connection with stabbing a man on the forecourt of a petrol station.

Emily said she had been travelling on Deepdale Road as she was going to the shops and she had seen a police car in the region during her drive. She went on to say just before she reached the bend she began to slow down and a car came around it narrowly missing her bonnet.

Emily said she almost lost control of her vehicle and pipped her horn at the driver but he sped off. A policeman then told to get out of the area as there was a man with a gun. She said she had been upset by the incident and the man could have killed them.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said no gunshots had been fired but a man had attacked and stabbed another man at a Jet garage which was not far from Stadium Way in Rotherham. The man then took off in the vehicle.

Police chased him and the vehicle was stopped just a short time later and the man arrested.


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