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Sheffield Woman Suffered Horrific Injuries During Sex Game

A Sheffield woman suffered horrific injuries and will be scarred for life after being slashed with a knife during a sex game.

Sarah Holden had been tied to a bed by Shaunna Littlewood. Littlewood then drove a kitchen knife into the chest of Holden and at the same time whispered “sorry princess”. Littlewood admitted trying to murder Sarah during the sex game that turned ugly when stabbing her 17 times.

Littlewood has since been jailed for life. When she had stopped the attack on Holden she then called a friend of the family and confessed to stabbing Holden. Sarah from Sheffield was left fighting for her life suffering internal bleeding very close to the heart along with a punctured lung. She had to have over 50 stiches to her face along with suffering injuries to her chest, neck, legs, abdomen and jaw in what had started as a sex game between partners.

The vocal cords of Holden had been severed during the attack, which occurred in July of last year. Holden said she had no idea as to why the game turned violent and she was attacked and perhaps never will know. She said the two had known each other for two decades and on that night they were only supposed to be having fun. However, Littlewood turned into a monster.

Holden said, ”We had drinks together and chatted the night away – making up for lost time – but something happened and I leaned to kiss Shaunna. It was crazy because I’d never fancied Shaunna. I loved her in a very different way, but something just came over me and I couldn’t stop myself.

“When we kissed I pulled away to ask her if she was sure, as I feared it would make our friendship awkward if she didn’t feel the same way.

“But I was amazed when she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. Shaunna lay me down on the bed then she looked me dead in the eye and asked if she could tie me up. I was so taken over in the moment that I agreed, so she bound my arms and legs to the posts of her bed using our dressing gown cords.

“Then Shaunna got up and, said she would be back in a minute. I trusted her and never could have imagined what would happen next.”

She said Littlewood returned to the bedroom moments later with her arm behind her back and then produced a 12 inch kitchen knife before repeatedly stabbing her.

“I just remember feeling a searing pain tearing through my leg and seeing a flash of silver. I wanted to cry out for help or to beg her to stop but my tongue felt thick and heavy in my mouth and try as I might I could barely make a sound,” Sarah added.

“When I came to I was in the hospital surrounded by loved ones and they helped me piece together what had happened. I was devastated to learn the extent of my injuries. I couldn’t even speak so I was given a whiteboard and marker to communicate with, and the first thing I wrote was ‘where Is Shaunna, is she okay?’

“I was devastated when I heard what Shaunna had done to me. I was hospitalised for three weeks and spent every day wondering what had gone wrong. How could she?

“We’d been best friends ever since Shaunna’s family moved in next door when I was seven, and we’d been thick as thieves. She was there for me through every milestone and I was utterly heartbroken that I’d lost her.”


Littlewood was sentenced to life in prison and it was found she had previous convictions on record for an attack in 2014 for stamping on the head of a woman.


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