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Rotherham Woman Found Huge Snake in the Grass, Literally

A Rotherham woman came to the rescue of her ten year old when he found a huge snake in the grass outside their home.


The woman was not fazed by the snake and expertly picked it up and then called the rescue centre to come and get it. Louise Fletcher from Ivanhoe Road in Thurcroft was alerted to the snake by her son, who found the rat snake when he was with a friend.

The woman said that she thought her son was joking around when he told her he had found the snake in the grass behind flats in Thurcroft. She said she got a pole and moved the grass around and it was there. She said it was a big snake but she was not afraid as she used to have snakes.

She said the snake was shedding but she thought it was either a corn snake or a rat snake. She said they eat mice but are not dangerous; however, they can bite if they are threatened. Louise said it was trying to get away as other kids had been throwing glass at it.

She used a pole to stop the body from moving and then picked it up by holding her thumb on its head so it could not bite her. She took the snake into her home and put it inside a pillow case and posted on Facebook to find out if anyone had lost it.

She then called the RPSCA and a rescue centre collected it. The snake was said to be dehydrated and pregnant.


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