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Rotherham Couple Arrested After 7 Year old Suffered Horrific Burns

A Rotherham couple have been arrested by South Yorkshire Police following a 7 year old suffering horrific burns when his parents left him in the care of others.

Owen Atkins was horrifically scalded with boiling water. Dad Paul has spoken up about the moment his son was shouting not to let him die after being scalded with the water which left his son in pain described as excruciating which left him distressed.

Owen was in hospital for more than a week when his face and head was burned so badly that medics did not know if his hair would grow back.

South Yorkshire Police have now said two men and a woman have been arrested in regards to the incident which occurred 27 May 2018. Police said they arrested a 31 year old woman and a 33 year old man, both from Rotherham. They were arrested on the suspicion of neglecting a child. A man of 18 was also arrested on the suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. All three were released on bail.

The father of Owen said they had left their son in the care of someone else in Sheffield when he suffered the horrendous injuries. The burns and scalds were the result of being covered with the contents of a kettle that had just boiled.

It was said that Owen has continued to have nightmares about the incident and is still in pain.

Police asked for anyone with any information to call them and quote the incident number 34 of 27 May.




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