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Car Burst Into Flames in Rotherham Just After Mum Got Son Out

A Sheffield mum managed to get her son out of their burning car just before the vehicle burst into flames in Rotherham.

Andrew Morrell was driving on Doncaster Road in Rotherham when another motorist behind him told him to pull over. He stopped the car by the side of the road and found that the vehicle had been on fire for around a half a mile.

Wife Liz scrambled into the back to get their son out of the vehicle shortly before the central locking broke and the car burst into flames. She said the car had only been purchased 26 days before and it was 6 months old.

She said “We were driving down the road when we saw the guy behind us flashing his lights and beeping his horns, telling us to pull over. “When we pulled over the guy screamed ‘get out the car, it’s on fire.’ “We couldn’t smell or see anything but when we got out there were plumes of smoke coming from underneath. “We had a lot of difficulty getting our son out of the car and just before we did the central locking broke and it went up in flames. We would never have got him out.”

Firefighters attended the scene and put the fire out and told the family the fire had been caused by an electrical fault. The family had paid £13,000 for the car on June 17 and purchased it from Motorpoint in Sheffield.


The family have paid tribute to the car driver who warned them saying that he saved their lives. Liz said “I keep thinking about how I couldn’t get my son out. It all happened so quickly and it was absolutely petrifying. “People are saying at least you all got out safely but I can’t help thinking that it could have been so different. “The scary thing is we really could have been killed but there was no smoke inside the car and we couldn’t smell anything. It was just water and smoke damage underneath the car. “I just thank God my husband was with me because I never would have stopped. The guy driving behind us really did save our lives. “I still can’t sleep, I just keep replaying it all over in my mind. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to drive again after this.”

Following the incident Motorpoint said, “Motorpoint Sheffield has been liaising closely with the customer and has provided a loan car while the cause of the fire is investigated with the manufacturer. It would be inappropriate to comment further until this investigation is completed.”




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