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A burger van has launched a fry-up inside a whole loaf of bread

A burger van in Wales has created a giant fry up – which comes in an entire load of bread.

Rolling Rolls has devised the morning meal, which features a loaf of bread filled with sausages, eggs, toast and beans, after a customer recommended it as a challenge.

The company, which usually sells burgers, hot dogs and breakfasts, says the fried breakfast loaf has been a total success.

It contains four sausages, four rashers of bacon, four eggs, four hash browns and beans for £10 – and it’s meant to be shared by two people.

However if you’re wanting a little more, you can upgrade by £2 to get two pieces of black pudding added, too. All of these fried breakfast items come squished in a hollow out loaf of bread.

It’s an amazing idea – but it looks impossible to eat. 52-year-old Michelle Preston, who owns Rolling Rolls, told Wales Online : ‘Someone asked us to start it as a challenge and we thought why not?  ‘It’s quite a large breakfast and really it’s for two people but most people seem to eat the whole thing by themselves.’


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